Less than 1% of the applications are profitable on the Apple store, and this means that 99% of the applications on the store are not a source of making money for its founders, so you must determine the means to monetize your application and what is the strong reason behind paying customers for it, and if you do not launch your application With a strategy for monetization, consider making profit in the long run if you manage to drive engagement for your app.
Finally if you are a non-technical founder, you will have to select the right partner to design the application; As most non-tech founders spend very little on their product and allocate more to marketing. What they do not realize is that there is no amount of marketing that will make the customer use the application if it is poorly designed, so invest this additional thing in creating an application that can delight your customers, the good application is the one that has the ability to find solutions to customer needs and that will reduce the cost Your marketing.
If you are thinking of building an application idea, and the market already exists; This means that you have already taken care of your idea. Hence, you must determine what makes your product stand out during the competition and why people buy your app. If you have entered a new and unknown area a lot you will have difficulty checking the authenticity of your product; It may take more time to validate some use cases and a study of the personalities of customers who will purchase your product.
The personality of the buyer or customer is a careful analysis of the people who want to buy your app and this includes: user location, behavior patterns, motivations and goals; The more accurate this information is, the better it is, and if you do not know the user’s identity and preferred behavior, It would be better to invest some time in identifying that. The more information you have about your customers, the easier it will be to identify the key points that concern them, which will help you to create a successful mobile app.
Yes, one of us is currently cutting out websites. If you own a company, an organization, or any activity, you definitely need to create a website for your company to keep up with the time development. This provides you and your employees with access and communication with new customers, and it also helps your customers to access your services and activities of your company easily.
Technical support (is the link between the customer and the competent technicians, through which you can submit an application or follow up on a previous request and help you solve all the problems that face you on the site and all other advice)
All you have to do is contact us via our outlined means of communication and we will contact you to determine the points through which to work.
Certainly the percentage of occurrence of something like that with us is zero percent. We have a software team trained to discover and resolve vulnerabilities using modern skills and methods to secure your site and its data from hacking, and we take into account the development and updating of our servers to avoid any problems.
This is a profound question that needs an empirical answer about how a website works, but we can answer it briefly. You must have the following requirements to be able to create a website: Domain (in English: domain, which is the name of the site, preferably in the name of your company or project, and when you choose the domain, try to be easy to pronounce and write in order to make it easier for your visitors to memorize it, such as greencodet.com) Hosting or site area (hosting is the hard land on which your site is located on which the domain is installed) Website design (design is what highlights the strengths of your company and shapes the overall appearance that is appropriate for it
There is no universal definition of artificial intelligence, as it is generally considered a major in computer science aimed at developing machines and systems that can perform tasks that require human intelligence. Machine learning and deep learning constitute two subsets of artificial intelligence. With the development of new neural network technologies and devices, artificial intelligence has been seen in recent years as a synonym for "supervised machine learning".
Artificial intelligence systems have recently reached a stage of maturity sufficient to perform tasks previously reserved for humans. An example of an emerging business thanks to artificial intelligence is the “The Next Rembrandt” project where artificial intelligence produces new paintings that mimic the artist and artist Rembrandt’s vision, or “Edmund de Bellamy's portrait,” a portrait of the Bellamy's fictional family of artificial intelligence. Other examples include Emily Howell or Bot Dylan, two of the computer programs that compose music, or the novel written by artificial intelligence entitled "When artificial intelligence composes a novel."
The AI ​​products that have become the basis for two patent applications are examples of inventions arising from artificial intelligence. One of the requests relates to a new type of beverage container based on fractal engineering, while the other relates to a device to attract attention, which may be useful in search and rescue operations.
A number of factors contributed to the acceleration of developments in the field of artificial intelligence. One of those factors is the ever increasing computing power. Also, it provides clean and structured training data (usually produced by humans, hence the name "supervised machine learning"). The training data links the inputs with distinct answers or outputs with labels with the provision of “directives” that allow the AI ​​to learn and improve the performance of a particular task. Although the data has been available for a long time, only recent years have witnessed the production of data characterized by designations and increasingly usable and in abundant quantities and for wide purposes and by a large number of devices and activities commonly used or undertaken at all levels of contemporary society and the economy. Data is an essential component of the AI ​​process and therefore has potential economic value.
"Augmented reality" is a technology that paints computer-generated images and integrates them in our perspective of the real world, where the user watches them through special glasses. The final vision becomes a mixture of both the artificial and the real worlds.
In virtual reality, people enter a world entirely made by computer. In this closed environment, there is no connection to the real world. Through special glasses, people live in real-life simulations, which gives them the illusion that they are actually interacting with the digital environment. The only real part of the VR experience is that users enjoy the freedom to navigate through the different options using a computer. In other words, when glasses respond to the movement of their body and head, they can then move in their virtual world.
On the other hand, in built-in technology, people see the true environment around them, with their own glasses. These glasses add digital adjustments to the real world. Built-in reality aims to enrich and improve the real life experience by mixing both virtual reality and the real world.
This question may have been the subject of controversy a few years ago, but today it is true. vTime is the world's first social network to use the "virtual world". With a smartphone and virtual reality headset, the network allows its users to meet, interact and chat with each other in different virtual places. Users choose an avatar that expresses them, and they invite 1-3 of their friends to join them on one of 12 default sites. VTime provides a snapshot of the social media experience in the near future where subscribers can chat together and take selfies. In an update of its services, vTime allowed its users to share their photos, and thus they could create their personal website using these images. The idea here is not only to connect with people in different places and times, but also to create memories together and share an amazing social experience.
Technology is developing amazingly every second, connecting our world and building a better future. Technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality and social media enriches and enhances our social experiences and leads our world towards a smarter and more open life. The development of technology makes us wonder surprised: what will our future look like in the next few years?
Localization of the word cyper security, the word cyper is a prefix primarily associated with computers and mobile devices, i.e. information and communications technology.
Protection from penetration of information networks in the country, especially those that contain confidential information, protection from disruption and cyber attacks of hackers, protection from electronic crime, protection from software virus threats, as well as protection from penetration of call frequencies.
Develop a strategy to confront cyber threats and attacks, and supervise the implementation and updating of that strategy.
Network science is an existing science and aims to concept the network in general and the concept of the network in a nutshell is a group of devices or computers connected to each other in order to establish a connection between them and computer networks is to be a group of computers and be connected to each other in connection cables in a central device called the router or Another central device called the switch or it is possible that these devices are connected to each other without a central device, but this type of network is no longer present because it works on slow network, it is better that the network has a central device that controls all the network devices and is like a server or It is possible that the network is not connected using cables, but is connected using Wi-Fi or wireless, and this is done through radio waves that are issued from the router towards the devices.
Network science or computer network has clear significance and clear indications in our lives. Without networks, there is no thing called the Internet basically without the knowledge of networks, there is no progress in technology or one millimeter because everything in our life is a network, so what about the very complex internet that All people enter it without exception, and a person or individual cannot abandon a minute of the Internet and without the knowledge of networks. All the giant companies that we see today did not exist without the knowledge of networks and there are companies whose businesses will stop, rather we will return to the Stone Age in the event that there is no such thing as science. Networks in our lives.
Computers or devices in general: What is meant here in the devices is the customers or what is called clients and as we know in the science of networks there is something called a server or a server and there is something called a client so the server is the one who serves on the customer and the customer is the consumer simply and here the clients are computers or mobile phones Shortly connected to the network Connecting cables or connection means: - It is impossible to establish a network in a particular company without specific cables or means of communication, so how will the devices communicate with each other? There should be a connection like the cables, and there are many cables, such as the RJ-45, which is the most popular cable in computer networks, or it is possible to use the Wi-Fi connection via radio waves and data transmission through the waves wirelessly. Switch: - This device is one of the most used devices in the science of networks currently, but its use is when you have in the company, for example 20 devices, the switch is its first function is to network devices with each other locally, but the switch can not allow devices to browse the Internet and its function The only thing is to connect the devices with each other locally and it is a large device and has many holes. Router: - The router is considered one of the most important devices or components of the network, especially if the network wants to browse on the Internet. The router is a very smart device. It receives data from the switch or from devices directly and sends it to certain places. For example, you want to send a message on this WhatsApp application. The message will go from your phone to the switch or directly to the router, and then the router will take it out to the outside world and sell it to its correct source. Firewall: - It is a basic and very important component, as we know from the basics of technology, which is protection and security. The network must be protected from all breaches that the network can be exposed to. For example, an attack was made to deny service or stomping on the network, so the function of the FireWell here is to perform Refining all the requests that the router receives and analyzes so that there will not be any breach of the network and currently most routers in our time contain FireWall inside it, but companies do not adopt this talk and it must be a separate firewall but for home and cheap use a router supported with a firewall inside it
The private server is a well-known computer but with the ability of high-performance hardware capable of always running without stopping and running with systems designed to serve more than one user at the same time and is controlled remotely through a fixed IP number - the private server is the best choice for hosting a big site on the Internet - The private server can also be divided into several virtual servers according to the request and vision of the client for his website or project on the Internet.
The Cpanel is often installed on servers by the Green Code technical support team - but if the customer requests that he install it himself, the steps are simple and they are as follows: Execute the following orders in succession one after the other : yum install -y screen wget perl screen cd / root && curl -o latest -L https://securedownloads.cpanel.net/latest && sh latest And follow the process and may take between 30 to 60 minutes at most.
Yes, you can request an upgrade to the hard disk or memory, or add new IP number to the server at very minimal costs, but most often the server as a whole is upgraded to take advantage of the processor upgrade itself to get a better and stronger performance
The private server supports and accepts installation of any operating system on it, whether it is a Linux distribution or any version of Windows.
Cloud Reseller Service - a service in which you get hardware resources that you can use all of them in one server or divide them into several servers - it is exactly an infrastructure of the hardware and network provided by Green Code for you to resell or use in your projects on the Internet.
Yes, the panel is available with these features so you sell to your customers in the name of your company and your logo.
Because it is in a cloud environment, the most important thing that distinguishes it is the ability to upgrade at any time and in a few seconds, without affecting or stopping your sites or your online project
It is a service that Green Code offers to new or small to relatively medium site owners - where your site is on a server hosting other customers' sites and each site is allocated resources according to the package shared by each customer.
Of course, for free, Green Code provides multiple backups to all customer sites - internal and external copies, and completely free of charge
Yes, and at any time when you see your site getting bigger and achieving successes and needs greater resources, easily and quickly you can request an upgrade and it will be done without any interruption or impact on the site
According to the Green Code policy, there is no possibility to request a refund, but you can request a one-week free trial before you actually pay
It is an additional layer of protection for your site that makes the exchange of data between your site and visitors completely encrypted so that no spy can obtain readable data - Green Code provides all kinds of security certificates and provides a free certificate for all sites hosted on its servers.
The installation of the security certificate varies from one system to another and from one panel to another, but most of the time it is installed for free and automatically for all of our customers .. For more you can follow the Green Code company blog about multiple lessons and explanations from here
Cloud servers are the same as private servers in the management and backup policy - if the customer is subscribed to the management service, the internal and external backup service will include it.
Virtual servers are the ideal choice for medium to large sites and the customer needs to increase resources and at the same time reduce costs does not pay for a private server he will not actually use all of his resources and will not participate in a joint hosting service that does not meet the requirements of his site technically when he succeeds and his visitors increase so he chooses a virtual server With dedicated resources, the Green Code team can help the customer choose the most appropriate one after studying the case of their project or their website.
The Green Code network includes with it private and virtual servers, protecting against denial of service attacks - but on certain layers and for certain types of vulnerabilities, it requires specific solutions, all of which are available at Green Code.
Supports virtual servers in green code and accepts all operating systems without any problem. You can install the system you want easily with just a few mouse clicks through the control panel
This is an easy one, and the answer to this can actually be found directly on our website FAQ section. Anyhow, Virtual Reality or simply VR is the full immersive 3D experience that the users receive with VR wearables. This computer generated environment is interacted by a person who either becomes part of this virtual world or is immersed within this environment and is capable of manipulating objects or performing a series of actions.
Nowadays VR devices can be classified into three distinct groups: Mobile based VR, PC based VR, and Standalone VR Devices. Mobile Based VR VR which is mobile based can also be classified into two groups: cardboard and plastic. Cardboard VR is the cheapest option and is easily branded and spread out to customers. The other plastic VR devices are a bit more expensive then the cardboard option and have a range of producers. VR Viewers such as Homido VR are an example of a good quality product for experiencing VR on a variety of phones. On the other hand, Samsung has a dedicated VR viewer that works exclusively with their range of mobile phones, called the Samsung Gear VR. PC Based VR As much as VR on a mobile device is convenient for promotions, events, etc. VR on a PC is a whole other ballgame! You could say that it’s thanks to the superior performance of the PC’s hardware and you wouldn’t be wrong. Using a desktop computer and a VR HMD is a great combination if you’re going for quality over quantity! Some of the hardware that we have experience with, and have used it to produce cutting edge VR experiences for our clients include HTC Vive and the newly released Vive Cosmos, as well as one of the first companies to bring out a state of the art headset, Oculus Rift. All of these require a high end PC to run, but the results are more then rewarding, and will leave your customers with their jaws dropped! Standalone VR Last but certainly not least in this classification, the standalone VR devices are certainly a fresh addition to the world of VR HMD’s. They are a mix of both worlds from the groups above, mobile and PC. This group offers the flexibility of using a mobile device, and the extra quality of a dedicated VR HMD, which we see on the PC HMD’s. The main players here are not new though, its Oculus, with two main products, the Oculus GO, as an entrant option and Oculus Quest for more advanced users. HTC has brought the Focus to the party, a bit more expensive take on the standalone headset.
From the group above, it really depends on a lot of factors. What do you wish to achieve with your VR application, what is your budget, who is your target audience, are you going for quantity or quality, etc. Although, from recent experience if your VR app is going to be used by a large number of people and you are going for quantity, then a mobile based VR is the best option for you! On the other hand, if for example you know that you are going to have a dedicated place to show off your VR app, for example your company is exhibiting at a fair, or you have a VR app to show your clients at the office. In these cases, it is better to go for quality over quantity, and invest in a high end PC, and a PC based VR HMD. And finally, if you would like to be versatile, take up a standalone version of a VR HMD device. The standalone version can be purchased for a price of a high end mobile phone, but offers a better quality VR experience than the classic mobile VR does. So if you’re not 100% sure how you wish to use your VR app, start with a standalone version of a HMD device, and build on from there!
You can always start with one VR set, and then increase the number if a need presents itself! For example The New York Times once shipped around 300.000 Google Cardboard VR HMD’s (remember then from our list above?) to their subscribers, in order to reach their digital subscribers more directly and promote its VR app. Also, one of our clients, Lafarge, purchased 10 Samsung Gear VR devices for a Health & Safety app taking users on a tour of the usually inaccessible parts of the factory!
VR has become the norm, and now it is easier to list the industries that are NOT using VR then those who are! Tourism, retail, real estate, education , healthcare, marketing, and many other verticals use VR to showcase their solutions in their respective areas of operation. VR has become mainstream there is no doubt about that, and the data proves that! Before we mentioned a report about the where AR & VR is headed conducted by Goldman Sachs, and they turned out to be more than right!
According to Statista the size of the AR & VR market is growing exponentially! In 2016 the size of the market is valued at USD 6.1 billion, in 2017. it has more then doubled to almost USD 14 billion, and for 2020, the AR & VR market is estimated to reach an astounding USD 143 billion worldwide! According to a exclusive Bloomberg report, the VR market alone is expected to reach USD 44.7 billion by 2024! Bloomberg has also specified that the Chines VR market is worth around USD 8.5 billion! And as China is pushing the low-cost model and a lot of their own brands are shipping out HMD’s, their large corporations may even have a jump
Graphic is defined as: the set of techniques used to analyze and interpret facts through lines, graphics, shapes, and engineering symbols, It is a broad specialty, and a branch of knowledge, specializing in visual creativity and includes several aspects, including artistic direction, letter design, page layout, design and output, so the design reveals to us the identity and personality of the person through his drawings and designs.
In the development of general arts such as: the art of drawing, sculpture, and graphics, so people can use new materials that were not previously known, so different images appeared on the computer, and they were able to draw, sell and buy pictures through the information network, and the arts related to animation developed and these arts became It is taught in universities and colleges, hence the importance of graphic design
Among the most important design goals: Its impact on user behavior: Its mission is to guide the user and draw his attention to where and where to start with visual guidance. Its effect on user guidance: By pushing the user to do a specific act, for example the design goal is to donate, so all design elements take the user to the donation process, so the designer must define the goal behind his design so that the design serves his purpose. Changing user convictions: Changing people's convictions is not easy, sometimes the goal of design is to change people's convictions about a specific thing and put their confidence in a particular product or thing. Helps the promotion process: Successful design creates the desire for people to buy and own their goods.
There are several things that must be available for the success of the design process, the most important of which are: Having an idea for design, each design must contain a specific idea, which is the goal that the designer wants to communicate to people. The design contains text, to contain written text because it helps to communicate the idea and understand the purpose of the design. The design contains images, pictures are of great importance because they help to understand the design in a big way. In view of the harmony of colors, the designer must be fully aware of how the colors are used and their consistency with each other, then the colors should be attractive and comfortable for the viewer.
Search engine optimization, or as it is called in Arabic SEO, is originally a translation of the word (search engine optimization) which means configuring websites for search engines to facilitate the access of users to those sites, or in simple words that is making your site friendly to search engines, and at the same time satisfactory For visitors who are your potential customers. Now let's look at the SEO definitions from some popular and reliable sites.
SEO combines the two things together, it is a science based on the study of search engines and how they work, in addition to analyzing users and knowing what attracts them most. In order to get the most free traffic, in addition to including the marketing arts in the process of improvement, the primary goal behind all these procedures is to enable the site pages to appear in the results of the search engines in a large way to get many free visits.
The relationship between the appearance of sites in search engines and traffic or what is known as free traffic (Organic Traffic) is a direct relationship, why! Because the higher your site ranks in search engines and appears in front of users on the first results pages, the higher the percentage of "CTR" clicks on the site links, the higher the traffic rate, and attract more traffic to the sites.
The process of storing information in search engines begins with the first step for your site to appear in the search engine, which is to send a web crawl or a crawl of the search engine or as you know in English «Crawler, spiders, bots» which is an automatic program that crawls pages across the web and indexes them , I.e. he knows the content of the page and stores it in the data log to be shown on request, then after he reaches the site he spreads between the pages of the site searches for new pages and stores them and defines the storage process with indexing «indexing», and in order to be an expert in SEO you must The following terms are known: Crawling: The process of finding new or modified web pages. Indexing: Store all the web pages that it recognizes in its index. Crawler: An automated program that crawls (or fetches) pages from the web and indexes them.
SEO is important for two points: The search engines are the fastest and easiest way to reach potential customers in a free way, and through search engine statistics we note that the number of daily searches reaches the equivalent of 3.5 million searches per day on Google only, which controls the equivalent of 78% of the search engine market in the world . You can direct the target audience to your site easily by using specific keywords that interest that audience and attract them to your site. These targeted visitors by search engines are the most important parts of a successful marketing process through which marketing goals can be achieved and achieve effective results for the business on the Internet. The next visitor to a site through the search engine is the most important because he has chosen this site specifically to help him solve a problem he faces, and there is no way to get these free visits except by doing search engines configuration, so investing in SEO is essential to the prosperity of any project on Internet.