Networking & Maintenance


Offering effective repair and maintenance services of I.T. products, troubleshooting services, networking fields and server setting.

Network Science Is An Existing Science And Aims To Concept The Network In General And The Concept Of The Network In A Nutshell Is A Group Of Devices Or Computers Connected To Each Other In Order To Establish A Connection Between Them And Computer Networks Is To Be A Group Of Computers And Be Connected To Each Other In Connection Cables In A Central Device Called The Router Or Another Central Device Called The Switch Or It Is Possible That These Devices Are Connected To Each Other Without A Central Device, But This Type Of Network Is No Longer Present Because It Works On Slow Network, It Is Better That The Network Has A Central Device That Controls All The Network Devices And Is Like A Server Or It Is Possible That The Network Is Not Connected Using Cables, But Is Connected Using Wi-Fi Or Wireless, And This Is Done Through Radio Waves That Are Issued From The Router Towards The Devices.