Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the way logistics providers operate as a result of the ongoing trend towards automation and continued improvements in computing. AI will augment human expertise through systems that help generate novel insights from big data and eliminate difficult tasks. In logistics AI will enable back-office automation, predictive operations, intelligent logistics assets, and new customer experience models.

By Practice Area

Demographic Analysis

Facial recognition, Person attributes: Age, Gender, Emotion, clothes etc,Footfall count, crowd monitoring, security, action recognition and more.

Traffic Data Analysis

Vehicle classification and count, Color, Make/ Model, License plate, Traffic monitoring and violations, Signal Violations, Lane change, Queue Length etc

Sports Data Analysis

Player identification and skill, Team Movements and chances, Predictive analysis of odds, Match statistics and animation, player and ball tracking etc.

Chatbots & Query Automation

Customized chatbots, Industry specific conversations, Sales Assistant, Data driven conversations and evolutionary engines.

AI in E-commerce

Recommender systems, Churn prediction, Audio or Image search, User profiling and customer segmentation, Dynamic pricing and demand forecasting etc.

AI in Fashion

Makeup recommendation, Makeup try on, AR applications in fashion, Virtual try rooms and more.

AI in Real Estate

Price estimation based on factors, Property comparison, Predictive analysis on property demand, Population forecasting, Satellite imagery analysis etc.

AI in Medical Field

Medical imagery, Tumor segmentation, Skin disease classification, Cancer detection, AI in telehealth etc.